CMEMS-UMinho has a new cleanroom laboratory.

The Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility with 130 m2 of cleanroom classified area (controlled temperature, pressure, humidity and a scrubber system) with process and measurement tools providing a broad platform for the development and testing of new ideas in micro and nano technology.

A wide variety of metal and insulating thin films can be deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition – ALD with real-time ellipsometer included (for thermal and plasma processing), Sputtering (DC, RF), Evaporation and E-beam.

The Laboratory has a reactive ion etching plasma system – RIE (dry etching) and a bulk-micromachining system for wet chemical etching.

Thermal Processing is possible for Si wafers up to 150 mm in diameter, oxidation, drive-in, and annealing.

Lithography area is equipped with: an wet-bench (with spin-coating), Direct-Writing-Laser uMLA Heidelberg (600 nm resolution), Mask Aligner Karl Suss and vertical clean cabin class 100.

Characterization area is equipped with: a Nikon L200 Microscope with filtering, Ellipsometer, Profilometer, Eletrochemical-Gamry system and glove camera.

Now, particular focus is being laid on attaining high yield on structures smaller than 25 nm. With research and development in nanotechnology booming, this new process line positions CMEMS-UMinho to continue to be innovative for years to come. The Laboratory is also a member of Micro&Nanofabs@PT, the Portuguese Research Infrastructure for Micro and Nano Fabrication, and of the European network EURONANOLAB.