About us

CMEMS was established in December 2013 at UMinho and supports a research team with high degree of multidisciplinary members, from different backgrounds (engineering, physics, medical) and from academic and industrial fields. It must be stated that CMEMS members include senior researchers, national and internationally distinguished collaborators, post-doctoral investigators, PhD and Master students, as well industrial partners. The focus is on modelling computation, development and micro/nano fabrication of devices and components for two major domains: industrial applications (automotive, aerospace, energy, textile) and biomedical applications (neuroengineering, microendoscopy, surgery, rehabilitation). The industrial applications are focused on microdevices and components: mechanical, optical, wireless, energy scavenging, for satellites, for navigation, and industrial coatings. The biomedical applications highlight the neuronal electrodes, lab-on-a-chip, endoscopic capsules, implantable devices, smart prostheses, surgical microinstruments, cellular solutions bioinspired and micro/nano functionalization of surfaces.

The excellence can only be achieved through international cooperation. CMEMS has partnerships with Universities worldwide in the field of micro/nano fabrication and biomedical applications, leading to shared publications with international investigators (approximately 40%), as well as with industrial partners. CMEMS also strongly collaborates with the International Iberian Nanotechnology Lab. (INL), an international key player, and is part of Micro&NanoFabs@PT (https://micronanofabs.inl.int/).

Since its establishment, CMEMS was awarded with the grade of Excellent. From 2021, CMEMS became a foundational member of the Associate Laboratory LABBELS, together with CEB.


The vision of the CMEMS can be stated as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary center of excellence pioneering high international impact research and innovation in the development of smart microsystems and biomedical systems and maintain active exchange programs with universities, research centers and other laboratories around the world in the field of micro-nano fabrication and biomedical applications.